Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Garage

We'll consider the garage here - the one or two horizontal racks that park underneath the main console and containing mostly control voltage generators - sequencers etc. The initial listing in MGrid shows a maximum depth of 80mm (for the Doepfer A154) so that will do for a starting point.

Note that I don't own all the modules shown, currently the Tiptop z8000 ✓, Kilpatrick K4815 ✓, Make Noise Pressure Points ✓, Doepfer A149 1&2 ✓✓ and Quantiser ✓.

Acquisitions to be considered are the Doepfer Sequencer and Controller and various Make Noise modules (Brains, Memory and Rene). There is no pressing need to buy any of these yet, though perhaps Brains is worth a look.

It is probably worth adding some LFOs, particularly VCLFOs to the garage: the Doepfer A134-4✓ might find a place.

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