Saturday, 29 August 2015

How big?

The widest Thonk rails might just fit, given the additional width of the Lamond brackets and the plywood sides. I suppose I could cut an inch off if necessary. Three vertical rails is the minimum with a garaged skiff at the bottom. I'll get some squared paper and draw it.
Depending on the depth of the sloped rails, the base skiff might be two rails deep. As regards the contents of the base, there will be some of the Make Noise Pressure points modules and similar and I would also like a Doepfer sequencer (not currently owned). I note from the data sheet in Mgrid that the depths of the first four candidates for the garage are:
  • 24mm - Pressure Points
  • 40mm - Doepfer A155
  • 80mm - Doepfer A154
  • 59mm - Tiptop Z8000
Four rows is the maximum in Mgrid, so it's one rail in the garage for now.
Power will probably be uZeus in the garage and Doepfer in the main housing. If there is a problem with height, I could go for a "deep" garage, two sloped rails and one rail on the first shelf.

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