Sunday, 30 August 2015

I've found some squared paper

This is my first pass at the elegant profile of the rack.

I have more-or-less decided to integrate the three racks in the main unit rather than separate 2+1. This will mean restricting the depth of the garage and base unit but I think that is a price worth paying as it makes the most efficient use of the space available. In that case the the A154 Sequence Controller will not fit: so it goes, I don't have one yet and, in any case, sequencers are traditionally stored on the top shelf so if I get one, it can go there, alongside the Tiptop z8000.

I'm now waiting on the Lamond ends to check if they fit and then design more precisely.

I found the following in an old (2011) post on The Cupboard
  • start by identifying my top 10 modules(/groups), get those in place and work from there. Initial thoughts must be
    • Cwejman MX-4S
    • Livewire AFG and Dual Cyclotron
    • Metasonix R54
    • a brace of 109 Signal processors with associated ADSRs
    • the best three filters
    • the above rhythm unit (the Pittsburgh Timetable in the pipeline, get the ┬Ástep)
    • the best three output processors
    • the best three random note generators
    • the best VCOs (AFG and R54 above, must have the Plan B Model 15 VCO and Malekko anti-oscillator)
    • two sequencers
    • half a dozen [only half a dozen ?] Doepfer utility modules

It seems a reasonable starting point.

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