Saturday, 29 August 2015

I've found the rails


[29Aug15] I have six pairs of rails 36" wide plus insert strips. When I made The Cupboard, I fashioned my own end pieces out of slabs of aluminium which are unwieldy, slightly inaccurate and wasteful of HP. I am hoping that the perfectly-formed Lamond end-pieces will fit on my rails - I'll order a pair and even if they don't fit they will be useful sometime. The £200 saved by not buying new ones would nearly fund a Rene (well, more than half).

On the top shelf will go some XIX processors. They might not necessarily be used, but they look very pretty and complement the Mondrian/Rietveld desk. I already have the ME1903 and I'm on the lookout for the others (EH1901 and CP1902). SoS review.

[30Aug] I have ordered one pair of Lamond ends from Thonk (£16 including postage) and a set of metal-cutting blades from Amazon. I cannot start until I know whether the ends will fit and thus how wide to cut the rails. And I'm still waiting for the squared paper to rough-out the design. It has already been noted that the garage needs at least 80mm clearance for the deepest module: in addition to that, a patch cable needs an extra 35mm on top (rather more than the knobs) and a Tiptop Stackcable 55mm.

As regards width, the plywood and bolts on both sides take 2cm (based on the small rack) and the base unit, of course, has to fit inside the garage, so it will be around 5cm narrower than the main unit.

[31Aug] I have also found a couple of pairs of rack ears. Although more wasteful of space than Lamonds, they are free. Perhaps they'll do for the garage.
The two sheets of plywood available are 90x120x1cm and 60x105x0.5cm.

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